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Galvanized cold-rolled profile structures

For certain types of buildings, such as warehouses or plants accommodating certain production processes or services, we would like to introduce the alternative to achieving resistance structure with galvanized cold-rolled profiles.

The main advantages of this constructive system are:



  • the cold-rolled profile structure;
  • the lower structure weight leading to lower construction costs;
  • the corrosion resistance and the pleasant and even aspect of the structural elements in time;
  • the reduced execution times.

What do galvanized cold-rolled profile structures mean?

The profiles making up the structural elements (columns, beams) are processed from thin metal sheet strips (usually 1-3 mm), galvanized by dripping (due to thickness, corrosion protection is essential) progressively bent by passing it through several sets of rollers. The section is cold-formed and the technological lines generally allow for the obtaining of a large variety of forms.

Why is this type of structures so cheap?

Using profiles made of thin sheet practically means less steel and the great variety of forms that can be obtained (customized profiles can be formed, even in small series, without substantial cost increases) enables the designers to achieve well-optimized and implicitly cheaper structural conformations.

Moreover, there are other issues that result in cost savings if cumulated:

  • many rolling lines are equipped with automatic profile drilling systems (with numerical control) which leads to substantial workmanship reductions
  • complete elimination of painting
  • simple and easily verifiable installation, generally by screws (amount of welding embedded in such a structure is significantly lower than for conventional structural systems)
  • rapid machining and assembly

Suitable buildings for this structural system:

  • Warehouses for any kind of products (non-flammable goods especially)
  • Plants accommodating production processes that do not require bridge cranes or other equipment “hanging” to the warehouse structure.
  • Warehouses where different services are provided (car service, car washes, small workshops)

Why these structures are not as widespread as the traditional rolled profiles?

Ground warehouses featuring such structures are widely spread in other countries, so I will refer below to the situation in our country.

Although in recent years, cold-formed profiles have been widely used as front panes and bars for sealing metal buildings, their use as main structural elements (columns and beams) is still regarded with certain doubts by the engineers. In addition, by the adoption in our country of the European Design Standards (EUROCODE), there is a modern and perfectly applicable design standard for these structures SR-EN 1993-1-3:2007 Design rules for cold-formed thin sheet elements.

The stress behaviour of the thin-walled profile elements is quite different (more complex) from that of the traditional rolled profiles currently used. This makes the designing of cold-rolled profile structures to be more laborious, leading to the designers’ reluctance in adopting such a structural system. The cost-cutting trends and the emergence in Romania of manufacturers which feature such structures in their product range are also likely to increase the interest in this segment, expecting the share of using cold-formed profiles for small-sized structures to increase in the near future at the expense of traditional systems.