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Yesterday, 30 August 2011, Emil Boc, the Romanian Prime Minister, inaugurated, together with His Excellency Mario Cospito, the Italian Ambassador in Romania, an extension of the tyre factory in Slatina of the Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli. Marco Tronchetti Provera, President of Pirelli Company, as well as a government committee and other local officials attended the inauguration.
Between 2005, the year Pirelli came to Romania, and 2010, the company invested EUR 300 million, an amount which will go up to over EUR 450 million by 2014, in the industrial centre in Slatina that includes a car tyre manufacturing plant and a steel wire plant used in manufacturing radial tyres, and in Bumbesti Jiu village, Gorj County, where Pirelli holds a manufacturing plant of antiparticle filters for Diesel engines.
Out of the overall investment, EUR 160 million are designed for the extension of the tyre factory –which was started in 2008 and will be completed in 2013 – with a view to enhancing Pirelli production capacity and competitiveness in Europe. The extension project received the support of the Romanian government by funds worth approximately EUR 28 million, as established in the Government Decision No. 1165-2007 in the context of the cooperation between Pirelli and the Romanian Government.
Thanks to the new investments, the Pirelli car tyre factory in Slatina will increase its annual production from an estimated 7 million tyres for 2011 to 10 million tyres at the end of the project. Originally designed with a 100 000-square meter surface area, the factory surface area already has 160 000 square meters and it is expected to reach 175 000 square meters in the end. Thus, the tyre factory in Slatina, already one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities, will become the largest Pirelli factory. It is equipped with state of the art non-robotic technologies to manufacture premium tyres – winter tyres, high-performance winter tyres, run flat and SUV, market segments where Pirelli occupies a particularly important position.
At present, the Pirelli industrial centre in Slatina employs 2 400 people and this number is set to get to 2 700 by the end of the project. Since 2005, the Italian group has made investments in different areas of Romania and has signed collaborations in the field of scientific research, training and social development in these areas.
“Romania, where we are already well established both industrially and socially, is a key country for Pirelli’s worldwide development strategy. Tyre and steel wire factories are an asset of the group’s industrial strategy. The tyre factory is one of the largest in the world and allows Pirelli to meet the market demand in the premium segments, which are growing at a fast pace both in Europe and the rest of the world”, says Giuseppe Cangelosi, General Manager of Pirelli Tyres Romania.