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Support the future

Once gathered the implicit value of the Project Financing procedure – that responds to the Customers need to create Infrastructure Facilities, not necessarily using its own financial resources – our company has promoted this activity in Romanian Market and for this reason, ELDICLAU IMPEX SRL has been included amongst the first companies, which have began and realized projects financed, mainly, in the Hospital Facilities.

Integrated Design, Technical, Managerial and Realization skills, Market Competitiveness, Analysis Capacity and Financial support are the central features, which, necessarily set up, identify Eldiclau, both, as a promoter and a dealer.

ELDICLAU, which has already been chosen, from different Customers, Private (such as Companies) or Public (such as Local Health Units, City Halls), grants to its Customers a solid preservation of the economic balance, of the global quality and of performance, in the 10-year affiliation estimate by the concession agreements, answering proactively to the flexibility requested and subtended to the long-term negotiations.


Integrated Design/Realization
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